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Learning what’s possible in Rust.
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About the Site

Possible Rust is a blog about the Rust programming language; what you can do with it, how to use it effectively, where the language is going, what’s in the ecosystem, and a million other things. More than any of that, it’s an opportunity to share what I have learned and am still learning about Rust!

If you’re learning Rust for the first time, or are interesting in learning Rust, or you’ve been using it for a while but are curious to know more, this blog is for you! If you have questions about the language, please feel free to ask them on Twitter @PossibleRust, either publicly or via direct message (my DM’s are open).

It’s also intended to be accessible. This is a best-effort commitment with the resources I have available. If you identify an accessibility problem please let me know so I can try to resolve it.

About Andrew

A picture of Andrew Lilley Brinker

Hi there, my name is Andrew, and I’ve been writing Rust since version 0.8 in 2013. At the time I was a junior in college, now I work professionally on software security at MITRE. I’ve written Rust every year since, and I’m still learning all the time!

Some things I’ve gotten to do:

  • Teach Rust as part of an undergraduate programming language theory course.
  • Speak at Rust Belt Rust 2016 with a talk titled “Hello and Welcome: Documentation in the Rust Ecosystem.”
  • Speak at Rust Conf 2017 with a talk titled “A Tale of Teaching Rust.”
  • Write the (now defunct) Rust Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • Teach Rust for MITRE’s internal corporate education program.